Web design is a lot like architecture - form with function

You’ve now reached a site that exists for one reason alone – me having fun. If it’s down, that’s probably because I just crashed it again, trying out some new awesome features. And failed. But when you fail, you try again and somewhere down the road you just might succeed.

On the ‘What’s new’ page, you’ll find mostly a collection of links and tweets. These are recent posts and discoveries that I want to share, ¬†or simply remember and save for future adventures. I’m a big fan of tutorials, open source and all the free stuff that’s out there. And since this web site is all about what I like, the topics might change according to season. But it would be great if someone else, besides me like them and get inspired, the way I do.

I’m totally passionate about most part of the web, coding and the gadgets that support this kind of behaviour, and want to learn all that I can.

You, whoever you are, are more than welcome to explore and share this journey. Maybe you’ve noticed ¬†something I’ve missed, and I’m sure I have, and want to notify me, maybe some source of inspiration, knowledge or even wisdom. If so, then please do.

From Gothenburg with love